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Tue, Nov 28, 2017 4:40 AM


Feature request

There are two features I'd really like to see added to Lightroom CC. 

1. Create a way to tag people, not just add them as keywords. Combining this with facial recognition would be even better.

2. Make it possible to modify the capture date of the photo from within Lightroom CC (rather than having to rely on external software). 

For me, these two features would make the software immeasurably better. 

Thank you!




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3 years ago

Thanks for the ideas, Kristin! 

Edit Capture Time's top on my list too. You'll want to add your vote to this existing request:

Face recognition's a popular request too. Here's the request to vote on:

Adding your vote to the existing requests gives them an even better chance of being implemented, because the number of votes affects prioritization of new features.

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