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Thu, Aug 15, 2019 5:32 PM


Export File Name Format Option in Lightroom CC; as it is in Classic

I work with a team of 35 other photographers who all use Lightroom Classic in their workflow. For most of us, we would rather be using the newer Lightroom CC version, so that we can work seemlessly between our Desktop devices and our portable devices (iPads etc).

However, we are restricted to Classic for the simple fact that CC doesn't offer the option to export with a certain file name format. We compile our photos into a single database and organise them into Date and Time using the file name format:

Date (DD) Date (Month) Hour-Minute-Second NAME

This helps keep our database in a readable structure.

If this option was available on CC I'm sure more of us would use that as our editing software, as we find its such more satisfying and speedy for our personal work (lots of us use it when we're working separately for photos that aren't going into the Database.

Does anyone have any idea of a workaround for this? Currently my only option is to export from CC, and import back into Classic, simple to change the file name; which just isn't worth the extra import+export time sadly.

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