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Wed, Nov 28, 2018 12:08 AM


Date header or divider in grid view and filmstrip

It would be extremely helpful to have an option to show date headers or dividers in the grid view and filmstrip (or have an all dates option in the by date dropdown menu in addition to the years). There is already an option to right-click "Show Photos from Same Date" but it is really helpful to see a stream of all your photos (e.g. "All Photos" with clear separation by date, which makes it much easier to identify which photos in the stream are grouped together. 

Could be either a horizontal header or a vertical divider in the grid / filmstrip (latter might be better since it works in both grid and filmstrip, while I don't see a header work in the filmstrip). 

An other useful divider would be the start and end photo of each import session.


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2 years ago

There is a way in the mobile app to segment the photos by year, month, or date. I believe the same option exists in the desktop app as well...



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2 years ago

It's not there yet, but I like the idea of bringing segmentation from mobile to the desktop.