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Thu, May 23, 2019 6:29 AM

Creatinve cloud storage is very unreliable

I have lost work 2 times now.
Cloud storage fails to sync, then gets older files from another computer, overwrites them. Versioning on the web does not help, as new files were never synced. This is so frustrating. When you kill CC, it doesn't restart, when launching the client. 
Green icons next to the folders never appear.


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a year ago

Open the Creative Cloud application and get us the installed version number by clicking the three vertical dot icon in the upper right and selecting Preferences. Please copy that number and paste it in your reply. Also, please add a screen capture of your Creative Cloud's Files tab. 

Is this specific to Lightroom or Photoshop? 

It would help us if you could describe step-by-step workflow in detail so we can understand better what is happening?  

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