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Tue, Sep 1, 2020 12:45 PM

Could somebody please, add the pre crop setting back to lightroom? and with hopefully unlimited amount of pre-sets.

there used to be a feature where the user could pre-set the crop ratio. this feature seems to be gone. could somebody put it back? something so simple as cropping takes so much time when I need a very specific crop ratio. I mean why would you even take it away? please put it back and soon hopefully. hopefully on Wednesday :D 

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Lightroom Ecosystem: Ability to create a Custom Crop Ratio preset


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8 m ago

Yes, that would be nice!

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8 m ago


I need to print in specific sizes (11x14, 11x17) and currently there is no ability to crop to these specific ratios.

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8 m ago

This particular feature was never in Lightroom Desktop. 
You may be remembering it from Lightroom Classic which is a completely different product. 

The official request for adding this feature to Lightroom Desktop is here:
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