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Sat, Jul 18, 2020 1:16 PM

Copy & Paste Overwrites Selective Adjustments

After applying a radial filter, gradient or brush work these appear to get overwritten when copying and pasting only color settings from another image.

Choosing from the menu when copying:

1.       Photo >> Choose Edit Settings to Copy

2.       Select Modified

3.       Check only basic color settings leaving everything else uncheckd

4.       Click Copy


After using Ctrl+V to paste, the edit pins relating to the local adjustments completely disappear. This was working as expected in Lr 3.2.1 but not in Lr 3.3


Official Solution

Adobe Administrator


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7 m ago



Updates for the Adobe Photography Products were officially released on 10.20.2020 that include fixes for this issue. Please install the most recent update and confirm that your issue is now fixed. Please let us know if you encounter any issues.


Thank you for your patience.

Adobe Photography Products

Quality Engineering - Customer Advocacy

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10 m ago

Thank you for raising this issue. I hope Adobe can fix it soon. It has to be definitely a bug because it only affects the Lightroom CC Desktop version. Mobile and Classic work fine. 

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10 m ago

Have same issue with LR Desktop. Adobe, please fix it!

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9 m ago

This has been fixed in Lr 3.4