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Wed, Jan 10, 2018 6:21 PM


Can we get Multiple "Copy/Paste" buttons in Lightroom?

Hello, I have an idea for Lightroom that would speed up my editing process SO much!! Currently I shoot with two cameras at my weddings and although they are the exact same camera, they have slightly different  outcomes for my images and so I have to edit them differently. When I edit, it would be amazing to have more than one copy/paste option. Right now if I copy the settings from Camera #1 and try to paste them to the image taken on Camera #2 it doesn't look right because the camera settings are different. It would be so great to have more than one "copy" button. Like "Copy #1" and "Copy #2" and "Paste #1" and "Paste #2". I hope what I'm saying makes sense? 


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