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Sat, Feb 17, 2018 1:42 AM

Bug - DNGs created by LR Classic, imported to LR CC keeps Develop Settings on export

Upgraded to Lightroom CC from LR Classic when it came out, uploaded 600gb+ of images to Adobe. A lot of these images had built-in edits from Lightroom.

If I go back and edit any of these images, they look "normal" in LR CC 1.2 (and earlier), but on trying to "Save To" at either small or full size it applies both the DNG Develop Settings as well as the adjustments made in LR CC. Thus, the photo is not correct.

I can open up the "image store" from Lightroom and reset the Develop Settings through Bridge, but since this isn't a feature in Lightroom CC the changes aren't re-uploaded to the cloud and the changes aren't replicated on other machines connected to the library.

Until Lightroom CC allows Develop Settings, they should be ignored on "Save To".

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