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Thu, Oct 19, 2017 9:20 PM


All Photos Organized by Dates on Lightroom CC on Mobile Devices

On the desktop app for the new Lightroom CC, you can click through "All Photos" and see them organized into dates including Year > Month > Day. On iPhone and iPad (and presumably other mobile devices) the only option under All Photos is to see the images "segmented" by the year. This means that navigating through All Photos will be a lengthy process to find images from earlier in the year. I think that fixing this would go a long way toward making people more confident in their ability to navigate the new app on mobile devices.

My ultimate feature request would be to use the same concept as Keenai where you can actually split and merge groups of photos by date and even name the the dated groups of photos. In other words, if I went to an event one evening that went until after midnight, I would love to be able to merge the photos from what is technically the next day into the group of photos from the night before. The dated sequence of images is maintained but splitting and merging tools make the library much more navigable. 

I realize that my request can be accomplished by making albums but it would be preferable to not have to make an album for every group of images that I want to be able to find quickly. You can also find images by search but I'm thinking of groups of photos where you don't necessarily know the exact date when you go to look for them. I hope that more segmentation of All Photos is in the works!




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3 years ago

Love that idea Andy. I'd certainly use it.