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Sun, Feb 3, 2019 2:26 AM


Adobe CC: Add an Archive mode and Streamline cloud storage billing

Adobe needs to add an Archive mode to Creative Cloud photo storage. As an event photographer, I frequently take >500 photos per event. After delivering the photos to the client or sharing the best photos in an album on the web, I most likely will never the photos again, but it is still possible that I'll need to refer back to the album for a future project.

Adobe probably wants photographers to store all of their photos in the Adobe cloud. Photographers don't want to pay ridiculous amounts of money to store rarely needed their photos online. Adobe would probably also prefer that photographers didn't accidentally delete photos when they're trying to unsync photos from the cloud to save on storage costs.

As a compromise, Adobe should implement an Archive mode, which would work similarly to Amazon Glacier. Activating the archive mode on a per-album basis will exempt archived albums from storage billing after the first month that the photos are uploaded. However, if photographers need to recall photos from the album (ie: the original photos is downloaded or referenced in a raw operation), the photographer will pay a small penalty per photo. 

Additionally, Adobe needs to eliminate the storage plans.  Customers should pay for the cloud storage actually used on a monthly basis, just like Amazon S3 billing. This will reduce complaints from photographers, and time wasted by customers and customer service agents when they encounter issues switching between storage plans. In reality, customers may actually pay more money because the storage usage will smoothly increase rather than hitting the storage usage walls of the existing storage plans, which will encourage them to remove files from the cloud.


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