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Mon, Feb 18, 2019 2:14 AM


Add tethered shooting to Lightroom CC?

I do my editing and retouching on a desktop workstation as it's much more powerful than my laptop. As such, I prefer to maintain myLightroom catalog from that desktop installation. However, I like to shoot tethered when on location, and I like having the ability to allow my client to view and rate images from a tablet running Lightroom mobile. To facilitate this, I use a laptop running Lightroom Classic.

In order for the live proofing when shooting tethered to work, I have to have the laptop Lightroom Catalog synced to Lightroom mobile. But due to the limitations of Lightroom, I am then unable to have my desktop catalog synced to mobile. (I end up having to export the tethered session from my laptop, and import it into my desktop catalog.)

This works OK, but once I transfer a photoshoot to my desktop machine, I am no longer able to rate, edit, or share those images through the cloud. (Only the original captures are available, and any changes do not sync back to my desktop catalog.)

I'd like to request the ability to shoot tethered using Lightroom CC. This would allow me to sync my desktop catalog permanently to LR mobile, and use LR CC on the laptop to shoot tethered, and have those images import automatically into my catalog. (This would allow live proofing via LR mobile as well.) Alternately, the ability to sync 2 separate catalogs with each other (between the desktop and laptop) would effectively accomplish the same goal.

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