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Mon, Dec 18, 2017 11:23 PM

A possible workflow "fix" for the lack of red eye correction in LR CC?

I recently tried out Lightroom CC.  As a longtime Lightroom user (versions 3 - 6 on the desktop ),  I really like the idea of a cloud based photo workflow to augment / update Lightroom.  I'm also not in the camp that's upset over a subscription model (more later).

I was however pretty disappointed to find out that v1.0 of Lightroom CC does not have a red eye / pet eye correction tool.    Most of my photography is family/friends at events - birthdays, parties, family gatherings, etc.  I can't avoid on camera flash based on what I shoot, and red eye is going to happen (unless I want to have one of my kids run around with a reflector at the next gathering - but I digress).   Red eye correction is a pretty basic photo retouching feature - especially with the target demographic for Lightroom CC.  So, 2 questions :

1. Does Adobe publish a feature road map for Lightroom CC?  Please integrate your red eye/pet eye correction - heck, the code is probably already written since Adobe has this tool on every platform in one form or another.

2. Would the following workflow function as a workaround ? :  import photos into Lightroom CC, sync to the cloud, import the photo on my iPad into Photoshop express, fix red eye in Photoshop express (yep, the free version of Photoshop for iOS has a red eye correction feature), and then update the original image in CC with the "red-eye-corrected" image from Photoshop Express?  I don't want to add a 2nd image to CC or lose the raw image.  I also don't want to pay for Photoshop CC just to fix red eye (poor ROI for my use case).

This link  ( describes moving a picture from CC into Photoshop express, but it's not clear to me that the corrections applied in Photoshop express could update the original image back in  Lightroom CC?

As a side note : I've seen a ton of complaints about the migration to a subscription model.   For Lightroom CC, not sure those complaining are considering :

You're getting 1 TB of cloud storage, with multi-device syncing, and professional photo management/editing tools (ok, it's v1.0, hopefully missing features will be added) - A subscription to Drop Box will cost you $9.99 / month for 1 TB of cloud storage, and you get no photo tools.   A subscription to Office 365  will cost you around $6 / month with 1TB for One Drive, but that subscription is limited to 1 desktop, 1 tablet, and 1 phone.  Compared to other cloud based services the cost is not out of line for a syncing service with Adobe level functionality (again - assuming Adobe adds the necessary features).   People who are comparing the subscription to the desktop version are not considering the cost of maintaining the cloud service - believe it or not, unless you want a bunch of ads attached to your photos, the desktop apps, the mobile apps, and the web based apps, someone has to pay for the cloud infrastructure.  I do empathize with those who only want a desktop application without a subscription model, but virtually all of IT is heading to the cloud/subscription model.  If there is one constant in IT, it's that everything is constantly changing.


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