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Tue, Apr 28, 2020 10:34 PM


1 version of lightroom

Why do we have 2 versions of lightroom? I understand that the reasoning is that one is for cloud-based usage and to integrate with mobile apps. Thats fine and its a good thing. But, either give it all the features of classic or even more sensibly add the cloud features to classic. let the user decide if they want filers to be on the cloud or there hard drive. If there's a concern that some may not like the more complex interface in classic, give them a simple button where they can change to a more lightroom cc experience. There would need to be only small, if any, changes to the mobile apps. Just simply makes sense and one less bit of software to write and maintain.
At least add the "open as layers in Photoshop" command to lightroom desktop CC and its associated stack with resultant image on top on photoshop exit the same as Classic does.


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