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Fri, Nov 24, 2017 12:15 PM


Wouldn't you like that the RAW image processor in Lightroom and Photoshop had a reset button and maybe two memories to save adjustments?

Wouldn't you like that the local adjustment tool in RAW image processor in Lightroom and Photoshop had a reset button and maybe two memories to save adjustments you use a lot? Here is what happens to me, I use the local adjustment tool various times in an image. Let's say, I am editing fish in an aquarium. In order to darken the background, I reduce the exposure, shadows and noise sliders. I do the work. Then, I need to add a little light to the fish. I must reset sliders one by one. Set the new adjustments and lighten the fish. When I go to the next pic.  All the process start all over again.  My hand hurts. I think it would be great a little button to reset all sliders and one or two memory buttons to keep some setting for a while.What do you think? 


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3 years ago

Hi, You can double click the effect icon to reset all sliders in the local adjustments

You can also click the circled area below and it will open the presets window

Where you can save your own preset(see below) for frequently used combinations. This is in Lightroom but ACR in Photoshop works similarly

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3 years ago

In PS you can also record your actions. By clicking play it will run down what you recorded on every image you like.

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3 years ago

yes, i completely agree with that idea, as i use adjustment tools all the time. one other item that is sort of linked to the adjustments tools, i have previously begged adobe to make the microscopic button/s for the HSL tool/ curves tool bigger. it is as though it was designed for some ancient low res monitor from the nineties, rather than the high res monitors that most people have today. i have never understood what the big deal would be to make the button bigger, there is plenty of room to do it. do you agree?