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Mon, Sep 3, 2018 2:08 AM


Workflow feature ideas

A couple of ideas that I believe would help speed up my workflow.

1. Please allow us to include an aspect ratio in an import preset. We can currently apply an aspect ratio over a large number of shots in the Gallery module. Could we please just have that function available in an import preset to save the step.

2. Auto exposure in addition to Auto Tone. That's it. Just controlling the one (exposure) slider. We could then roll this into our own presets and have control over the other sliders in the Basic pane and not have the current situation where auto tone clashes with our own presets.

3. As a companion to "Edit as layers in Photoshop", could we please have a "Group" function, where two or more shots can be grouped together and then groups could be sent to Photoshop as layers (Rendered as HDR, panoramas, etc). The vast majority of my delivered images are the result of multi-shot composites where I send two, three or four shots to PS as layers. Problem now is that I have to send each group individually and then fight to get Lightroom back into the foreground to make the next selections etc. If I could simply group them and then batch send to PS, that may not take less time but at least I could go and do something else while the computer does the job.


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2 years ago


Thank you for your enthusiasm for the Lightroom family of products. For your Ideas to gain more prominent notice and have maximum impact with the team, there are a few things you could do to help.

Ideas, or feature requests as some call them, work like this on the Feedback Forum:  Each individual Idea is single post anchoring a thread. All of the people who have a similar idea and relate their rational will be merged into a single master post that contains all the comments on a single topic.  This has a few advantages:

1. It gives Adobe a place to accumulate votes (by either creating a thread that is merged into the master thread or by hitting the [Me Too] button in the upper right corner. Adobe can see at a glance, search for, and rank the top features being requested without having to search for scattered posts. The engineering staff can read the user’s comments and divine the best ways to implement a given request.
2. By being a part of this master Idea thread, when an Idea comes to fruition and becomes an active feature in the software, Adobe updates this thread. Participants in the thread, those who’ve been merged in and those who have hit the [Me Too] button will be notified by email to updates and feature announcements related to the original request.

You can help us out by doing a few things to make your idea count. First, if you have an idea, search to see if idea is already posted as a formal Idea. If it is, hit the [Me Too] button and if you like add your individual comments to the thread. Second, if you don’t find the idea is already posted, create a new thread and post your idea for a new feature.  Please keep the Ideas as one idea per thread so that we can merge them with the correct master threads if necessary.  We don’t have a way to merge an Idea into multiple threads so if you make multiple feature requests in a single post, it is likely to get lost in the shuffle, lessening its impact,

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2 years ago

Hi Rikk.

Ideas one and two have been suggested and discussed ad nauseam for over five years by myself and a large number of others and have been ignored by the developers. But at least I know someone actually read the title - at least.:-(

I have posted the third idea into a separate post to be ignored in its own right.

Thank you for thanking me for my enthusiasm. Perhaps a little presumptuous. Get back to me when things are addressed.

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I know this pain - and wish you at least one of your ideas was taken serioulsy.