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Sun, May 19, 2019 12:46 PM


Windows, Lightroom Classic: stop focusing the app during startup

Please stop focusing the app during startup, starting lightroom takes a while if there is a big catalog in the background. So most of the time I would like to prepare stuff while Lightroom is loading, but I cant because its constantly pushed as the foreground app.

This is completely useless since it can't do anything yet anyway, because its still loading.

Please stopp doing this, or at least only do it once, once its finished and  actually ready to receive user input.

This conversation has been merged. Please refer the main conversation:

Lightroom Classic: Stealing focus on launch


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2 years ago

Yes, Totally agree.  Once splash screen display's if the user changes focus to the desktop or another app LR should not yank it back several times.  

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2 years ago

I fully second this request. This behavior is really annoying.


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