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Sat, Dec 12, 2015 8:04 PM


Why not tone curve align with histogram?

In the Lightroom Tone Curve panel, the graphic seems unnecessarily narrow considering the potential width of the panels themselves. From what I can tell, the graphic is limited to a square shape of constant width/height. In making restoration edits to scanned slides and film images, I rely HEAVILY on the tone curve adjustments to correct the images for fading, incorrect filter use during capture, etc. Unless these corrections are made using tone curves, white balance is not effective in restoring the colors of the original capture to life-like condition. I consider the channel-specific tone curve adjustment to be one of the most valuable tools in Lightroom for image restoration work.

As currently implemented, however, using the tone curve together with the histogram is less than fully effective. Since the histogram and tone curve graphic are of different widths, one must extrapolate the x-axis location on the histogram where the image needs correction to a different x-axis location on the tone curve. This situation could be easily remedied by making the width of the tone curve graphic adjust to the width of the overall panel (as the histogram already does on-the-fly), so that the tone curve graphic is always the same width as the histogram. Then, the point on the tone curve line is easily selected since it lines up immediately below the point on the histogram needing adjustment. This would require the targeted adjustment tool icon to be moved out of the way, but there seems to be sufficient room below the tone curve box, next to the "Channel: " label to relocate it. Unless for some reason the tone curve graphic must be square, there should be no need to increase the height of the tone curve graphic, avoiding making the tone curve panel take up more space.

I admit, this is not a big problem, but the solution is both simple and elegant, and would be an incremental improvement to Lightroom for the work I do.

Thanks for all you do!

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