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Mon, Sep 2, 2019 3:04 PM

When I export a slideshow to video as 1080 IQ the images are smaller in the presentation

Running the latest version of LR on a recent macbookPro . 
I've to make a slideshow from a mix of images all 1080 high and everything goes well. 
When I look with the left and right panelwindows open in the presentation module the pictures fits like it should, when I use the tap to clear the panelwindows these go away but the presentation looks not the same anymore (little pictures in a big screen)
So export the video with marking for a 1080 file and the result is a 1080 file.
When I run the slideshow the images are very little in the projected screen with everything else (title,...) mixed up.
Don't understand what I missed because the screen doesn't give me other parameters to change
See exemple: https://vimeo.com/357369185 
When I export as jpeg it turnes out to be fine, see the joined jpeg

Thanks for any help and Friendly greetings 


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2 y ago

Can you post a link to the exported video?
What application are you using to play the video?
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