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Sun, Jul 22, 2018 12:23 PM

What IS simply the best folder structure to use when using Classic & CC Together.

Right. I think this needs to go beyond the simple answers such as
1, Date
2, Jobs
3, Clients
4, Name

Now lets group this. If you're a wedding photographer chances are you have a single catalog called weddings. In that you'll easily have a catalog structured either by date or more likely client. 

If you're a commercial photographer chances are you'll structure this by job name ie "BBC Documentary".

Portraiture photographer, again it'll be by name of client. 
Now I'm all and neither of those things. I want a single catalog because cloud sync is core to my workflow. I recently made the mistake of importing everything in CC and sorting by Folder and Album. The reason this was a mistake was I wanted to download everything into Classic afterwards. Not only did that not work but it also dumped all the files into a date folder. So If I went into CC and looked at album "Commercial/Beauty Products/OPI/" I'd be able to work on what I needed to. However if I went back to Classic to work on that image it would be lost in a date format jumble. So, objective here is to replicate the folder structure in both. 

I guess why I struggle with this so much is because I don't focus on just one area of photography. I have tones of different categories of work. I'm a general photographer and a hobbyist. 

Once the catalog is built and synced to CC I'll probably do 80% of my importing via CC.

Is anyone willing to share their structures and how they work between both applications because I'd like to build a system that uses both and not one or the other. 


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2 years ago

As soon as you find the simple structure does not meet your needs, you are getting into "person specific" needs. So i don't think there is an absolutely perfect structure to sit everyone's needs.

Bigger problem is that adobe released two versions of lightroom that don't talk to each other and we wind up having to stand on out heads to figure out how to marry them.



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2 years ago

The folder structure in Lightroom Classic is only relevant to Lightroom Classic. It has no bearing on what happens in the cloud when you sync the catalog. The opposite is also true. Folders in Lightroom CC do not sync back to Lightroom Classic, and if they did, they would become collection sets, not physical folders.

Images that are downloaded from the cloud into Lightroom Classic will be downloaded into a single location (you can specify where that is). The only option you have is to create a dated folder hierarchy in that location.

Johan W. Elzenga,

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2 years ago

In my opinion, by date yyyy / yyyy-mm-dd in LR Classic and LR Classic should be your ultimate reference catalog.

And in Preference, you have to configure the folder creation parameter as in the screenshot

Notice, the ref. must be the same as the initial folder of the LR Classic library.

Thus the original photos (RAW) synchronized from LR CC will automatically be set up in the same hierarchy as the photos loaded directly from LR Classic!

The collections will be used for project organization and can be synchronized to LR CC / LR mobile.

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2 years ago

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2 years ago

I can recommend the DAM book also. Don't organise with the use of folders.  Use collections instead, they are made for this. Especially when your photo's can 'fit' multiple categories.

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2 years ago

I always, with al my administrative activities, I have folder structure per year. I also keep it as flat as possible. For LR I just use the year folder, hence 2018 and inside albums, I would do the client name. I renumber the photos as 2018 XX 001, where xx stands for 2 characters of the album name followed by the photo number. In case the albums got lost, I still can reorganise them.