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Sun, Jun 9, 2019 12:44 AM


Way to link wrongly linked Lightroom images in Catalog

It would be nice to be able to link an image that has been wrongly linked or accidentally linked in Lightroom.  Once or twice Lightroom has glitched and linked an image in the wrong location and there is no way to alter this link in the catalog without moving the image to unlink it and then linking the correct image.


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2 y ago

Never had that problem but can see how it could be useful to have a "Lose image", "unlink image" or "change master image" command to counterbalance the "find missing image" command.

In your case, you can just rename the image outside of LR (e.g. put an X at the end of the file name) rather than moving it.  Don't forget to rename any XMP file related to the image file.  

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2 y ago

This is very easy to do.  On a Mac, in the LR Browser, the picture with the incorrect link with have an exclamation point in the upper right corner

Click on it and in the pop up menu, select 'Show in Finder'

You will get another pop up menu that will ask you to locate the file.  Locate the file and select ok and you are relinked.