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Tue, Jun 19, 2012 10:34 AM


Two-way publish service from Lightroom to Revel

It would have been very good if the publish service could bring some data back from Revel to LR. I am not sure what the API supports, but the star-rating in Revel would be great to get back to LR as something. A keyword or a label at least.

If this was possible, I could export recent photos from LR and my wife could review and pick photos that she wanted to print using the star and I could get this info back to LR.

Revel can edit the caption, so this should also get back to LR. And in the future I hope other metadata can be edited in Revel too, so this should also be possible to sync back.

To make me happy, even photo editing done in Revel should be sent back to LR!

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Lightroom: Tight integration with Revel




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9 years ago

It all depends on the Revel API whether or not metadata for published renditions could be synchronized in this manner. For example, the Flickr API supports the notion of fetching keywords, so the Lightroom publish service for Flickr can do this.

Synchronizing the edits is much, much harder.

Publish services are, generally, a one-way operation right now. (With a few exceptions related to service APIs, as discussed earlier.)

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9 years ago


You raise an interesting possibility.

I mean, keywords and ratings would be easy to synchronize, but I wonder about develop settings. I mean, I know Lightroom's sliders were chosen to be like Revel's, but I don't know how much alike they really are. I mean without whites and blacks sliders, and essentially equivalent image adaptive behavior etc in Revel, I wonder how well those adjustments would translate.

Anybody have any idea about this?

I mean, if there isn't interoperability, then what was the point of having the Lightroom sliders mirror the Revel sliders? For the future? A sense of familiarity to those who use both? - I'm really not sure...


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9 years ago

The current publish service probably does not allow development settings at all, and I do not believe Revel and Lightroom development settings are compatible at all (I think I read something about this somewhere), even though the initial commercials for Revel (Carousel) emphasized that it was using Lightroom technology.

I know that Revel is supposed to be used by non-professionals, but if Adobe now have made non-desctructive adjustments that are not compatible with Lightroom/ACR, then the users will be forever stuck with Revel and I am sure that it is not a good idea. Users should be able to grow and evolve.

If Adobe would consider to make the development settings compatible (Revel could probably still be easier to use with less controls) Lightroom didn't even have to publish to Revel. As I have suggested before in another thread, I could create a collection and this could automaticly be synced (full two way) with the Revel cloud and I wouldn't even need Revel on my computer. This will also give Adobe the advantage that existing Lightroom users (and there are many of us) could be interested in buying a Revel subscription. I assume that the current Lightroom customer base is not very interested in paying for Revel because of the very limited co-existence.