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Sun, Aug 14, 2016 11:31 AM


"Tweak-Sync" option request : Allow to sync "relative tweak-amount" instead of only auto-sync the "final value"

 "Tweak-Sync", additional option request : 
Allow to  sync  "relative tweak-amount" also, not only sync and auto-sync "absolute values".

(John Spacey's post had the same wish :  "Lightroom: Auto Sync: Relative value adjustments"
but I go ahead with my own heading of the post even if the wish is redundant.)

I think such a function would be useful, specifically justifiable to create versions of series (of already seriously, individually edited photos) for say the web, projector, another differently rendering monitor -  sync something that indeed is more something of a final added adaptation, tweaking intervention to a series of copies,  rather than part of serious editing.
(For instance : Add some warmth or contrast or highlights or less red, etc..)

I understand that this could be a voluntarily omitted function because it can (should) admittedly  be qualified as defeating the seriousness LR tools allow.. As a "not a very "serious" approach - and not even possible in many circumstances !
(Then, shall an image -that for instance is already at a maximum setting- be highlighted or ignored ?)

Another problem could be that interventions by 'x' digits might perhaps not translate into linearly perceived repercussion, depending on where on scales they kick-in (and if so, added auto-compensation would definitely conflict Lightroom's integrity).

Still, I think something could be offered along this line, for "conscious" users, it could often be a plus and a time-saver, for when highest quality and puritanism is counterproductive.. ;-)  ).

(btw; auto-sync could also be considered kind of "dangerous)

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