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Thu, May 31, 2018 8:48 PM

Trying to geoencode photos in LR-classic.

Trying to geoencode photos in LR-classic. LR-Classic gives an error reading whenever I try to download  the gpx file. Using a Global Sat Tracking Logger which generates a gpx file.  Uncertain how to proceed.  Thanks.




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3 y ago

If you want to send it to me, I'll see if I can reproduce the problem. 

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3 y ago

Copy the file to your local drive first. Then go into the map module. Select the photos to map. Then use the menu to load the Gpx record on the map, and then match photos to the gpx.

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3 y ago

Be aware that LR uses the capture time of the photo to find the coordinate in the GPX file. Therefore, be sure that the capture time of your photo are in sync with the GPX file.If not, you can adjust the delay when importing the GPX file.