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Fri, Jul 17, 2020 5:11 PM

To be able to change the Import / Destination / Date Format setting to Original File Date.

When importing photos, I open it as a daily subfolder. If the file creation date and modification date are the same, it is uploading to the correct folder. If the modification date is different, it creates a folder according to the modification date. Thus, half of the photos are uploaded to another folder and half of them are uploaded.
I want the Destination organized "by date" setting to create a folder according to "Created Date".
This setting is possible in the file name. I use it as a preset. I'm very satisfied. However, uploading to this wrong folder disrupts all my work.

Can I change this folder open date setting to "Creation Date"?

- LR ver. 9.2.1
- Time zones and hour / minute / second on both devices are the same; UTC +3 Istanbul
- Iphone 6, IOS v12.4.7

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1 y ago

Normally, Adobe uses the capture date stored in a photo's metadata (in EXIF:DateTimeOriginal, when the shutter was pressed) to name the import folder, and it ignores the file's Date Created and Date Modified.

However, your screenshot shows that you are importing into LR from the iPhone using a USB cable. There are long-standing bugs with dated import folders when using a USB cable, and Adobe has never fixed these bugs.

Known workarounds:

1. Install the LR mobile app on the phone and enable the option to sync the phone's camera roll with the LR cloud service. Then enable sync of all photos from LR cloud to LR Classic.

2. Use Dropbox to automatically sync the phone's camera roll with the Camera Uploads folder of Dropbox, which automatically get synced with your computer. Import into LR from that folder.

3. Use Windows File Explorer to copy the photos from the iPhone to your computer's hard drive, and import those into LR.