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Fri, Feb 8, 2019 3:47 PM


Tip for syncing. especially large repositories.

Having the luxury of both WiFi and Ethernet, I discovered quite by accident that when I told my Mac to give priority to the Ethernet link instead of WiFi, my 50,000 image Classic repo synced in like 15 minutes. LRCC synced easily previously but I got fed up waiting for Classic, as I don’t use it much now. I will probably abandon it completely soon, but for now I need both. They don’t work together, and any images I import go in via LRCC, not Classic. But, Classic can still sync with the cloud.
But. The important message is. If you want to sync, and sync quickly, make sure you are running Ethernet, even if it’s via Power Line TPLink adapters like me back to the router. So much faster.
Ok, I have a Fibre Max, 60/40, which is fast, but over the WiFi link it was maxing out at 10/6. Now it’s back up where it should be. Nice.


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