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Fri, Nov 23, 2018 9:48 PM

The latest version of LR Classic CC is mixing up my keyword hierarchy .

For example I have scores of Canadian  place names  in a provincial hierarchy and they appear as being under New Zealand in the "Enter keywords" box.  Yet when I look under New Zealand in the keyword list, none appear there.


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2 y ago

Oh yeah, this latest version screws up keywords in a big way.  I have hierachial keyword lists for most countries and Lightroom will for no good reason create a false keyword hierachy from a keyword in the Keyword preset.

For example, a keyword exists in a keyword preset for a model who was born in Glasgow...

Glasgow < Scotland < United Kingdom < Countries of the World

Unpredictably, when this is selected for a given set of images, Lightroom will instead of assigning those images to this existing keyword hierarchy, create a whole new keyword hierachy somewhere else...

Glasgow < Scotland < Michigan < United States

Yes, there is a Michigan < United States < Countries of the World' in my hieratchy, but there sure as hell was no Scotland or Glasgow until Lightroom just decided to make it so.




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2 y ago

Can we get some screenshots of the Keyword List and Keywording panels please, showing this issue? 

And dmeephd, can you confirm exactly what you're typing please? Or your exact steps?

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2 y ago

Hi Victoria,

I'm not typing anything.  I select the keyword from the named keyword preset.

The keywords were, for the most part, not typed in but imported from a controlled vocabulary made for Lightroom, and there are no prohibited characters.  (Lightroom is shutdown right now as I am backing up.  When it's back online I'll post a screenshot of the keyword in question.)

In the meanwhile, here is what it would look like (use your imagination for the LR panel...LOL)

Countries of the World
     United Kingdom

So there are no left or right arrows; one only sees them when you hover over a keyword in the keyword preset box or look at the keyword window above the suggested keywords (a feature I almost never use).

I select the images in the Library, and then select the keyword preset, in this case its named Georgie Lyall, and the nine boxes are populated with the keywords in the preset.  (Gawd yes, do I wish there could be more than nine available!)

I left-click on each keyword in the preset.  And once in a while, after the keyword refreshes, instead of seeing this...

Glasgow < Scotland < United Kingdom < Countries of the World,

I will see this...

Glasgow < Scotland < Michigan < United States < Countries of the World,


Glasgow < Scotland < United Kingdom < Military Aircraft of the World,

One never knows what Lightroom will create; however, like cancer, once it has created such a bogus hierarchial keyword and I've deleted it, it will tend to come back over and over again.  Clearly, this is poor referential integrity which is why I am constantly bitching about the use of SQLite!

Funny thing, Lightroom never creates a top-level keyword by mistake, only a hierarchial one.