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Wed, Aug 21, 2013 11:23 AM

The gallery.swf Flash file included with LR 4.x and 5.x ignores font size changes in the styles.xml file

I use the LR Flash galleries... a lot.

I've created several user templates for these Flash galleries and modified most of them to display larger sized text for several fields, particularly the captions. I've accomplished this through either the undocumented advanced mode (ctrl-alt-shift-\ in Windows) or through directly editing the styles.xml file LR places in the resources/styles subdirectory on the web server.

This worked fine with LR 3.x. I soon realized LR 4 wasn't adjusting the caption to my 16 pt specification (controlled by the metadataFieldText attribute), but was keeping it at the default size of 12 pt. I figured out a workaround by copying the gallery.swf file from a Flash gallery created with LR 3.x. While this works, it's obviously not ideal.

I posted all of this to the LR forums last year (see and received two replies from the same person. Unfortunately, he was unable to help me (though I apparently indirectly helped him fix an issue *he* was having). As such, I resigned myself to having to use my workaround for the life of LR 4.

Unfortunately, LR 5, including LR 5.2RC, does not fix this issue. I'm posting a request here in the hopes that Adobe can fix this in a future version of LR 5.



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