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Tue, Feb 13, 2018 4:19 PM


Tethering canon eos software versus lightroom cannon software wins

I have canon 5ds i use lightroom cc the new one, but i recently bought some lens baby and  manual focus camera lenses.
For portraits and camera tethered to my lightroom i have to use the viewfinder on camera to focus manually set up shot then take the photo with the button on my laptop but this is no good for me,
 Using canons eos program it has a live view, instead of using viewfinder. i can choose live zoom at x6 and make sure using a sweet 35 lens i get the focus and sweet spot nailed first time, after taking with lightroom i then have to review it after I've taken it
support told me it can't be done, so the only point in tethering is sending image taken direct to laptop
i want when tethered a pop up screen showing the image on my laptop, before i take it 
im now having to use both programs and more doubling the time it takes 
surly tethering with a pre shot image for studio portrait commercially  would be a benefit to those in business 

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