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Wed, Jun 27, 2018 10:31 PM


Tasks within Lightroom Classic CC

To help with my workflow, I would like LR to have a list of tasks, which allow me to attach images to them. 

I want to be able to enter some text against the task like "Change text to 'xxx'", "Apply preset and export to stock agency", and maybe some additional fields, such as a due-by date.  I can attach no images, one image, or multiple images.  I will then apply the necessary changes, and remove each image in turn as the changes are made.

Even better, would be if I could define a proper workflow (e.g. Microsoft Sharepoint, Metastorm or Livelink Workflow), where I could define a process and the steps within, then send images to that workflow.  The workflow engine would manage the status of each image as it progressed through the steps of each workflow instance.   e.g. I could send 10 items to my "Alamy" workflow: the first 5 I go through my defined process of adding keywords, caption etc, but the next 1 I do that, plus edit the exposure, contrast and whitebalance.  The workflow engine will remember what stage in the workflow each image has reached etc.  

I currently do this using collections, but it's a pain to remember to move images from one collection to the next, and I have hundreds of collections for each of the steps within my multiple workflows.

(I hate people using the term "Workflow" when it's a manual set of steps: Workflow to me means automation).


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2 years ago

Did you take a look at the 'Workflow Smart Collection' from John Beardsworth? You can customize it to your own needs.