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Wed, Oct 25, 2017 3:42 PM


Synch without the Cloud

Synchronization between devices is great but right now the only way to do so seems to be via your cloud service. This is slow compared to via a local network or cable connection and in addition the 20GB cap on the Photography Plan means that I cannot store original RAW files on my ipad and then synch them to my desktop due to this data cap. I typically am off the grid for a week at a time and with 60-75MB RAW files 20GB is reached quickly. While off the grid I cull images and rate them thus the need to synch rather than just copy from my device. For me the current system for synching is a deal breaker as I will not pay Adobe's $10/mnth additional fee to move from 20GB to 1TB when I will not be actually storing images in the cloud and the synching process is so slow. It has meant that I will be abandoning Adobe products for the foreseeable future rather than subscribing to the photography plan. If a more workable solution for synching my originals was in place then I would subscribe.

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3 years ago

I'll just note that Dropbox can sync over the local area network.

Local syncing also would help customers who are using Adobe's cloud services. In addition to saving a lot of time, it would save Adobe a lot of network usage (which costs money when using services like AWS and Azure). And many of us have broadband data caps as well.