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Wed, Jan 3, 2018 12:48 PM

Synced photos not showing up in folders in Lightroom Classic CC

I am using lightroom Classic CC on my desktop computer, but also use lightroom CC on my laptop and lightroom mobile on my phone.

When lightroom syncs my photos from CC and mobile, they appear in the catalogue on Classic CC and are downloaded to my hard drive in a specific folder.  However, when I try to filter my files by folder, the folder which my synced photos are in appears empty - the message on the main window says "No photos in selected folder".  The photos are definitely on the hard drive (I can see them in windows explorer), definitely in the catalogue (I can see them and edit them in lightroom), I just can't see them when I filter by folder on the left of the screen. 

Also now that I have deleted one of the photos that was in my catalogue from that folder, the count of images in my "Mobile downloads" folder is "-1" and if I right click on the folder and choose synchronise folder, it doesn't allow me to add any photos, just allows me to remove missing photos from catalogue, with a count of the photos it would remove.  Given the count of photos is the same as the total number of photos in that folder, I imagine selecting that would result in deleting all of my synced photos from the catalogue (and perhaps from the cloud).

 Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?




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3 years ago

-1 sounds like a touch of corruption.

If you find one of the problem photos, right-click and choose Go to Folder in Library, which folder in the Folders panel does it take you to?

Since you can find the photos, simplest solution right now would be to drag them from the Grid view into another normal folder on your computer.

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