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Sat, Dec 30, 2017 12:44 AM

Sync of radial gradients results in incorrect placement in target image

I just tried to sync the radial filters from one image to another (a NEF to a PSD based on that same NEF). No cropping, no transformation. The images appear identical in LR with respect to size, orientation and resolution. And yet, when I try to sync the radial gradients from one to the other, the end up in the wrong location. Here's a screen capture showing the first step: note the source and target are similar, and I am only syncing the gradients (there are only radial gradients on this image):

After the sync, I get this:

What the heck? I tried several times, restarted lightroom, and no joy. I can't even determine how the geometry is getting hosed up.

Doesn't happen between a NEF and a virtual copy of the same file. But I just tested an another NEF/PSD pair, and it's wrong there, too. Created on (obvious) radial, tried to sync, shows up in the wrong location. It appears that there is a 90 degree rotation transformatino being applied during the sync?

Add another bug to the list. Yes, my copy of Lightroom CC Classic is current. Windows 10, also up to date. Never saw this problem before the recent update.


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