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Thu, Oct 19, 2017 8:52 PM


Subscription Software

We were promised that Adobe would continue to support the original non-subscription version of Lightroom.

I do not want to be held hostage by Adobe to subscription software.

Yes I could afford it now - but Adobe will raise their prices, and I am already a pensioner living in a time of increasing inflation - I could be forced to terminate my subscription and then what!

I notice that you no longer even list basic non-cloud Lightroom software amongst the subjects that we might be emailing you about.

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3 years ago

Adobe do not care about pensions unfortunately. All they worried about is ripping there customer off.

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3 years ago

Phil, Adobe is trying to make a quality product and money at the same time. Sorta like every company.
Economics 101, high demand for new solutions to the Adobe product line makes the company create more depth in their products, which makes products worth more. So, prices go up, but I hate the structure of the monthly leases. Yes, they do raise them higher than I want to pay, but I don't think I'm getting ripped off. If you feel that way, you should find an alternative solution. You have choices. I think you can still buy CS6, you just don't get any more support or upgrades. . But that is common in many industries., particularly software.

HARDWARE COMPATIBILITY Besides the hardware compatibility problems, I love many of the additions they have inserted into their app, but I dislike the way it's carelessly planned for the tippy top of the newer computers to use those apps. How about a basic version of an app for people who need support, but don't want to pay for Adobe developers over in the website creation department. I think adobe is getting ahead of the hardware right now.

ADOBE **A suggestion to Adobe would be perhaps change the pricing structure a little. For example, why everything (for the price of 49$, or only one app for $19? Really Adobe?? ITS PRICED LIKE THE CABLE COMPANIES. OH, you want to watch espn? Then you must upgrade to the next package for an additional 200 channels ~~and~~ it's a great value except you don't want the other 199 channels. I would love to add Adobe Premier, but I do not need all the bloat ware like Portfolio or Behance app. And I don't want to pay twice as much for ALL the apps, when I only need one more app. I don't code or make websites, I don't need stock photos, etc etc etc. . So I went elsewhere for my video editing. I have a really good program that works great. Still has updates, but I own my license! Ps: I also cut the TV cable and now LOVE PlayStation Vue. Less than half the cost but more of what I want (with my Apple TV and Roku.