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Thu, Nov 6, 2014 5:13 PM


Starting LightRoom workflow on LightRoom Mobile

I really want Adobe to allow LightRoom Mobile to be the *start* of a workflow. It is only natural to take a camera and a tablet out on a field shoot. Although I shoot in RAW+JPG, I can easily import the JPG portion into a new collection made on LightRoom Mobile. After the shoot, I can quickly mark rejects, star photos, and even minor exposure/crop changes to the collection. I then want to come home and load the RAW images into my LightRoom Catalog on my desktop and have the LightRoom Mobile Collection "sync" to my LightRoom Catalog (via Smart Previews perhaps) so that my work out in the field was not wasted. This is a TRUE LightRoom Mobile workflow start scenario. Right now LightRoom Mobile is nothing more than a fancy picture viewer and also a way to edit photos while you're in the restroom AFTER you've gone home and imported the photos (and sync'd to LightRoom Mobile). Can't wait for this to happen!

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