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Tue, Aug 7, 2018 8:51 AM


Stack Synchronisation Mode

I'm working al lot with stacks. i.e after shot al lot of bracketing photos I choose "Auto Stack by capture time", collapse the stacks and have a first look on the shooting and set flags like "set as rejected" etc.

But every flag or tag is just valid for the first pic not for the pics in the stack.
It would be very helpful to have a button for "Sync Stack"-Mode, similar to the Sync-Button in Library-Mode, so that every tag, flag etc. means all the pics in a stack.

Also it would be cool, if you are in the "Auto-Stack by capture time" dialogue, you could scroll down the grid to look if the stacks are correct. Now you only can see the first screen...

PS: I know the trick to shift-click on a stack to open it and mark all the pics in it. If you work with a lot of pics it would be much better to do this with short-cuts and not thousand times with mouse-clicks...

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Lightroom: When selecting a collapsed stack, provide option to apply changes to all photos in the stack


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2 years ago

Hello, this would be a great Function!
Also this one:

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2 years ago

I agree with you. That said, see my Syncomatic plugin and its Sync Stacks function