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Fri, Apr 26, 2019 1:22 AM

spot removal pink issue

Often when I use the spot removal tool (Q) to clean up some skin or sky, appear these pink squares instead of the corrected image. 
I've tried more than once to reinstall the LR CC and it's updated.

Can anyone help me with? Have you seen something like this before?


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2 y ago

Hi Fabricio,

Does this happen with specific size of mask?

Can you send us a Image sample to investigate?
By any chance, Do you see any pattern for these pink squares to appear? (Ex: After N no of clone stamps or Shadow region of skins)

Also, System information [Lightroom Classic->Help->System Info] if available will help us better to identify the root cause.




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2 y ago

I discovered a similar issue when converting image files to lossy DNG file format? What camera model and file type is this image? Also what exact version of LR are you using (i.e. LR Classic 8.2.10 and what OS version?