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Fri, Aug 23, 2019 9:16 AM


Source Images of panoramas / HDRs

Hi there,
I use a Smart-Collection to delete all photos that were rejected and older than one year. However, when I reject (and later delete) photos on the top of stacks like the final panorama, the source images are kept on my drive.

I found three proposals to solve this problem:

1. Rejecting the top a stack rejects the whole stack
2. Add a flatten stack feature that deletes all images but the top one
3. Add a reject source images checkbox below “create stack” (my favourite)

I hope I will see one of these features on one of the new versions of Lightroom
Michael Behrens


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2 y ago

No, please

Only files marked individually rejected can be rejected, no stack automation for any deletion.
Normally the lower files of the batteries should be only ORIGINALS, the top file, the final result of the various treatments.

So normally we do not do the treatment of rejected photos at the first sort, otherwise it does not make sense to do this first sorting !

If you have stacked, just Expand all the stacks, before making the delete selections .... We must keep the total control over the files to delete, no secretive under the stacks.



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2 y ago

I would never delete the source images. Just imagine that a new version of Lightroom contains a huge improvement of the panorama merge feature. Content-aware Fill of the edges, for example, so you don't need to crop the edges or use boundary warp (which sometimes works great, and sometimes gives unacceptable distortions). Then you may want to redo some of your panorama merges to take advantage of that new feature...