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Thu, Jul 30, 2020 12:15 AM


smart collection exported filter?

Is there any way to just show processed photos that have been exported?

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Lightroom Classic: Indicate and search which photos have been exported


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7 months ago

Yes, for processed (edited) photo's (exported, not that I know of). 
You can make a Smart Collection where the criteria is "Edit Date
Now if you went out of the way to tag exported images, with a color or flag, sure. 
Or you could use within the Export dialog, a custom naming (like put 'Exported') into that name. Then create a Smart Collection looking for that. 

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7 months ago

Not much help after the fact but I'm a keyword fanatic and try (often unsuccessfully) to think of the searching I might want in the future. Can't think of any reason to use collections, flags, colors or number ratings as keywords are so much more powerful. Albums are useful to control order except I use Google Photos for albums and Google messes up the order so I no longer bother with Lightroom's albums.

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7 months ago

As Andrew said, there is no field that I know of that will indicate 'exported'.  

In addition to what Andrew said you can use "has edits" to find edited images as shown in this screen shot

I also agree with Bill that it's a good idea to make a keyword structure called something like "DISTRIBUTION" and in it have keywords for images you exported for various purposes.

Here's a partial sample from my catalog

Now the smart collection becomes easy

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7 months ago

Personnellement, je définis des Services de publication sur disque dur, c'est un peu comme des collections qui permettent de définir des critères d'exportation des photos comme dans l'export, mais qui vont afficher les vignettes des images exportées qui dans ce cas s'appellent Publiées.

Personally, I define Services of publication on hard disk, it is a bit as collections which allow to define criteria of exportation of photographs as in the export, but that are going to show the vignettes of exported pictures which in that case are called Published. (sorry Google translation)

Look at here

"Add and manage photos in a hard drive folder"