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Mon, Oct 9, 2017 7:43 PM

Slideshow takes long to render - why not applying the LR4 choice of Skip...

In the "Preparing Slideshow" dialogue (LR 2015.12) you only have the option of Cancel, which stops the slideshow altogether.

In LR4, the option is Skip, which allows you to stop waiting and the slideshow module starts playing the slideshow immediately. This 'skip' is very convenient when you are rendering larger (>20 RAWs) slideshows. I guess, in LR4 the preparation continued in the background, while in 2015.12 it aborts immediately.

For me, this makes the new version of Slideshow close to useless, since I want to look at my editings and my photo shoots without first having to wait some 20min for LR to finish preparing the slideshow. There should be ample time to handle the preparation in parallel (in the background), so I don't understand this changed behavior.




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2 y ago

There's a draft mode in the playback panel that is similar to the older skip mode.