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Fri, Mar 1, 2019 1:00 AM

Not a problem

Set as target collection shortcut ctrl+alt+shift+B does not work as expected - Windows 10

Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B (in Lightroom Classic CC 8.2 for Windows 10) to set as target collection is not working for me. I can set the same collection as the target collection without any problems. I know that smart collections cannot be target collections; the collection does not have the little gear by it. It is a collection, not a collection set. I can set it as a target collection by selecting it and clicking on the "set as target collection" menu item. Then the + sign appears by the collection. But I should be able to select the collection and press ctrl+alt+shift+B to do the same thing.  Do I have to press the keys all at the same time rather than pressing and holding until all have been pressed?


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2 years ago

This keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+B) is for setting a Quick Collection as a target collection.
If you have already set a collection as a target collection, pressing these keys at a time makes the Quick Collection (displayed at Catalog panel) as the new target collection.