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Sun, Jun 24, 2018 3:09 AM


right-click IN LIBRARY to move file folder or files in Grid View to different folder on disk

As an alternative to drag-and-drop to move files or folders in Lightroom, offer a select-right-click feature.  The feature would bring up a list of target folders, and the user would select the target.




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2 years ago

What's unclear about the idea is how to find the correct target folder if there more than a handful in the list that pops up on right-click.  Right-click menus typically disappear after you click once to select something, and navigating the scrolling, click-to-expand hierarchical structure of 100s of folders that people typically have isn't likely to be compatible with a right-click pop-up menu where you get one click before it disappears. 

LR already has a menu of folders in the Folder section, and the way you move photos via right-click, now, is to select the photos you want to move and then right-click on the folder to move them to or to create a folder underneath to move them to.  In this way you can select the folder and photos to move, then scroll through the existing folders in LR, then right-click as the last thing to do before selecting the pop-up menu item.

As far as Copy via right-click or any other way, you don't generally make en-masse copies of photos in LR.

 You can make virtual copies alongside the master copies or you can import duplicate photos after having copied the masters to another folder outside of LR, but why have duplicates?