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Sun, Sep 17, 2017 4:01 PM


Revert to previous algorithm in Spot Removal Tool

Quite some time ago (I think with LR CC 2015), the Spot Removal Tool in Lightroom became quirky concerning its algorithms. The first brush stroke with the tool used to provide a good sampling area. Very often that's no longer the case.

Too often the tool selects something that looks exactly like the element that I want to get rid of. Two examples:

1. a stem of a bare tree extends too far in the picture. I want to cut off the end portion, which is "surrounded" by a clear sky. After applying a "brush" stroke, the Spot Removal Tool samples a portion of the tree which is further down.
=> Result: it looks (almost) exactly like before

2. a shore landscape with rocks and beach. Two people in the far distance that I want to clone out. Let's call them Mr. Red and Mr. White. I "brush" on Mr. White, and the Spot Removal Tool samples Mr. Red.
=> Result: it looks (almost) exactly like before

Why is that? With a click or a stroke I signal to Lightroom the area that I want to get rid of, so why would Lightroom try to restore the content with something alike? It should do exactly the opposite.

Please just invert the algorithm: Lightroom should look for the surrounding area and DEDUCT the area that I painted on from the possible sampling area.. It should not try to restore the exact content that I am painting on to get rid of.



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3 years ago

I noticed this behaviour too

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3 years ago

I have had the same issue.