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Fri, May 15, 2020 9:30 PM


Refine Photos function in Develop would be nice

I use the Refine Photos option often when culling images from a large shoot in the Library Module. It would be helpful if it was in the Develop Module as well. Often I dip into Develop to see if an image has the necessary data in the shadows or something similar and end up finishing my culling there. Then I look for the Refine Photos function and have to switch back to Library to find it.

--Steve Gandy -


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1 y ago

AUTO doesn't work for you? 
  • highlight the range of photos
  • turn on Auto Sync
  • click Auto button in the Basic panel 
Just tested it, it still works. 



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1 y ago

Refine Photos only works on displayed photos, Steve - hence in Loupe view in Library it only acts on that one photo, as opposed to what it does in Grid view, acting on the entire collection/folder. Therefore if it was available in Develop it would only act on the one displayed photo and wouldn't give you want I'm guessing you'd want.