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Fri, May 25, 2018 10:42 PM


Raw Camera Color Profiles won't copy anymore (Sony RX1RII)

So, previously I used to ingest raws from my Sony RX1RII, set the camera profile to "Portrait" because I liked that look and then did all my other adjustments, saved a couple of different base edits as presets and then apply these to all my other images as a foundation to keep fine tuning.

I just realized that since some recent update this doesn't work anymore.
All my freshly ingested RX1 raws are now automatically applied with some profile for my Fuji XT-2 (Astia Soft) and next to it it says "profile missing". Very strange - I can then go to the menu and change the profile back "portrait" from the sony rx1 menu tab manually, and it looks normal again. So far so good, I thought it was a one time bug. But it turns out, if I copy ALL adjustments, and go over to the next image and paste ALL of them - it still has the "missing" Astia Soft Profile from the XT-2 assigned and didnt copy the correct sony profile.

It's crazy frustrating - all my presets are broken now and I can't seriouly go through hundreds of pics and assign the correct profile to each of them manually!? 

Any thoughts? 

actually the problem goes even further - it doesnt matter what kind of profile I assign, could be a standard adobe portrait one, it also doesnt copy this to any of the other pictures, no matter what I do.

ACTUALLY- I just found a solution - obviously somehow during import this fuji astia preset got slapped onto all these pix, and that caused the problem somehow.... never had this issue in previous versions. But Now, after I removed all settings from all the pix, I was then able to copy paste the correct camera profile again. Thank god.


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