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Fri, Oct 4, 2019 3:31 AM

Publishing a Lightroom Classic collection with AVIs in it fails, without a useful error

I’m trying to publish all of my highest rated photos to disk. Some of them are videos, and some of those are AVIs (I think from an old point and shoot).

I created a smart publishing collection. When I hit publish, it fails, with an error that says something like “an assertion failed!” With no other info.

I tried community plugins, but had the same problem.

Eventually I realized the AVIs have little black exclamation marks in the corner, and no preview.

I removed them from the collection (by modifying the query) and it all worked.

This was hard to track down, because the error was useless, apparently does not get posted about often, and I have a bunch of AVIs but they’re scattered around. Frustrating enough I was ready to give up on Lightroom and go back to Apple Photos. This is a critical need for me.


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a year ago

Indeed the Error should give some usefull information, you got my vote for that.

The little black exclamation marks is a warning that Lightroom can not 'read' the file. Than can mean the file's are corrupt. I would investigate that further. Maybe it's 'just' a codec issue because AVI is in fact only a container that can contains a lot of different audio and video material. Can you play these files from Finder?