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Wed, Nov 25, 2020 5:27 PM


"Previous" function and "Copy/Paste Settings" under Develop Settings Not Working

When I use "Previous" function and/or "Copy/Paste Settings" to apply settings across a group of selected images for uniformity, all the settings are not pasted or moved over to the group. Specifically, what I notice most obviously is the white balance. In the panel, the title of the white balance might say "Shady" as it should be, but the temperature value still reads "5500" and it is unchanged in the image. I have to preform another two clicks, one to change the temp, then one to reselect the "Shady" option to actually make the proper change. 
How many more of my setting aren't being transferred over?? This is costing me time on hundreds of images per session I edit.

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Lightroom Classic: Problem when using copy and paste or sync in develop module with WB changed


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