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Thu, May 3, 2018 11:27 AM


Photoshop/Lightroom: Rendering intent, again

I have posted on this before, but I seem to use the wrong terminology, so hopefully people will understand what I am saying, this time.


I have been struggling to combat the way Relative and Perceptual rendering intents shift the white point of Lr colour space to match that of the printer profile.

When trying to reproduce artwork, on Matte paper, this ruins the contrast of the picture, printing grey instead of white, and altering the light and dark colours.

You can adjust the tone curve to compensate, but this ruins the picture on the screen.

So I need 2 copies of each picture, one for screen and one for print.


As the colour space of the art is generally similar to that of the matte paper, I need no white point (or black point) adjustment when printing.

Could you not provide an option in the 'print adjustment' tab to not shift the white point on Matte paper?

This would give a rendering intent similar to Absolute, but with the out of gamut colours adjusted in a relative or perceptual way.


Hope this makes sense.






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3 years ago

Are you using a print profile for your particular combination of printer and paper?