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Tue, Nov 18, 2014 8:12 PM

Photoshop/Lightroom: How do I get vibrant, rich, bright & clean colours?

My Question is, how can you create such deep and clean colours in your photography such as the amazing David Pullum does in his photos. I have been trying for years to create similar results in Lightroom & Photoshop and trawled the internet for any such answers. I'm not going to post one of his photos as I respect his ownership, however do take a quick look at his FB page to see exactly what i am describing.

The images are so vibrant, fresh and clean - there must be a way to create similar images?

I've been on one of David's learning courses but unfortunately it didn't cover the post production.

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks you


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6 years ago

Hi Rob
Apologies for the radio silence - the day job is soo demanding!!

Can I just say I really do appreciate your feedback because it's unbiased and constructive - and you're very knowledgeable - also passionate

Yes I do know plugins are used on David's pictures however any plugin in Photoshop is a shortcut to the long haul!

Yes we are talking about the post production and my example I posted wasn't the best to compete with Davids

Would like to see some of your work by the way if you have some to show ?

I have some here

Have a great weekend my friend - I might follow your advice and implement it on a pic :0)