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Fri, Apr 12, 2019 9:54 AM

Photoshop: Which laptop graphic card is better? Intel HD Graphics 620 or GeForce GTX 1050

I'm going to buy a laptop - need to know which graphic card is best for both Lightroom & Photoshop CC 2019 - shall I get a laptop with Intel HD Graphics 620 or GeForce GTX 1050.

Please advise.




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2 years ago

The Nvidia is going to outperform the Intel according to the following:

Also the Nvidia has on-board memory on the graphics card, whereas the Intel uses main memory, so you are going to find that you get a lot more swapping with larger files with the Intel, which will slow things down.

The Nvidia is probably a better bet, although neither is a high-end graphics card.
I would be inclined to check with the laptop supplier that Photoshop and Lightroom do not disable the GPU and that they will exploit the Nvidia if it is a dual-graphics card setup in the laptop, which is quite common, with a low power card being enabled for normal use and the high power card only being activated for graphics-intensive activity.

I would probably look for a review of best laptops for Photoshop/Lightroom and see what they suggest. It would be worth getting something recommended if that is the main use you have for it, even if it impacts the budget and means you have to wait a month or two more before you purchase.

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2 years ago

The best laptops for Photoshop/Lightroom are Mac laptops, because they are the best laptops around period. -25 Year IT career, now a pro photographer. End of line.

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2 years ago

There's no arguing that Apple makes some darn nice machines, but calling them the "best around period" just smacks of blind Apple zealotry.  Whether you go PC or Mac, if spec'd properly, they'll both do the job just fine.

If you're in the market for a PC, you can find some good info on Puget Systems site.  They aren't in the laptop business, but the data and benchmarks should still give you a good idea on what components are and aren't important to Lr & Ps performance, so you can make a decision on where to spend your money.

Here are a couple relevant links on the Puget site - 
Hardware Recommendations for Lightroom Classic CC
Hardware Recommendations for Photoshop CC