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Wed, Feb 13, 2019 5:13 PM


Photoshop Express on Window opens the black "Enhanced DNG"

This is weird but may help figure out the "Black Enhanced DNG" issue.  I started a new topic because the other is so full of data.  

I'm on an ASUS Laptop with an Nvidia GPU.

Lightroom won't preview the all black enhanced DNG.  Photoshop CC won't open the black enhanced DNG.  But Photoshop Express for Windows does!    

Install Photoshop Express for free from the Windows App store on your computer.  In Lightroom select the black image, right click to Show in Explorer.  Then right click and Open in Photoshop Express.  


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2 years ago

One special note: 

When an Enhanced Details DNG is created, the original desmosaic data is also included with the file. 

When you take this "black" DNG into another application, and the black frame is rendered as a visible image, you are not viewing the Enhanced version but rather the original demosaic data. 

Just wanted to make everyone aware that Photoshop Express is not showing the Enhanced Details version. 

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